The quality of rust-proof materials directly affect the quality of product processing, so the choice of rust-proof materials, the first physical and chemical properties according to the requirements of quality testing, and then pass the test in line with the process requirements in order to use in large quantities. Selected rust auxiliary materials used, according to the quality standards of different materials into the plant after rigorous testing, qualified by the supply department issued for use. In the course of the regular rust-proof materials and formulated solution to be tested to ensure that the concentration of the solution and the proportion of the process requirements, to achieve performance. Establish a complete material acceptance system and quality acceptance standards, to provide a reliable guarantee for doing a good job of rust prevention management.
Cooling water in the bearing processing mainly from the cooling, lubrication, cleaning, rust and other multiple roles, its correct use and maintenance of a direct impact on the quality of the machined parts surface, affecting the life of the tool. Bearing cooling water used can be divided into three types of soda water, emulsion and synthetic grinding fluid, the basic use of more than 50 tons of bath liquid circulation, rinsing the grinding wheel at the end, the end of iron and oil is very Easily lead to deterioration of cooling water, resulting in processing parts burn and corrosion. Strengthen the scientific management of cooling water, can improve its performance, ensure product quality, reduce the cost of cooling water.
In order to ensure that the rust-proof process can be implemented conscientiously, the technical department formulates the detailed assessment rules according to the process requirements and evaluates the value of the components for the production plant. By a rust-proof management personnel on a monthly production process inspection of the factory, the cooling water, rust-proof liquid, cleaning fluid, anti-rust oil management and corrosion rate of finished bearings, cleanliness and oiled packaging, Rust management personnel and monitoring the project's detection of a comprehensive inspection, assessment scoring, and assessment results issued to the manufacturer. From top to bottom to establish a rust management network, the rust prevention work has a good management foundation.
       Anti-rust bearing cleaning steps
1, the need to clean a large number of bearings, the first with a temperature of 90 ~ 100 ℃ hot oil seal to the hot melt, and then use a clean tool to hollow out the old oil inside, and then hot shower for a while and then washed with hot oil To go inside the extra oil, the last step and then hot gasoline leaching again.
2, when cleaning the surface of the bearing, should choose clean gasoline, kerosene, after all, such as cleaning solution to confirm clean after wiping with a clean cloth and then coated with a thin layer of lubricating oil, and then follow the standard Installation process can be installed.
3, everything is ready for inspection When opening the bearing package, the bearings should be placed in a clean liquid such as gasoline and then gently turn the bearing a full set of hand, then the clear surface of the roof and ball race inside the debris.